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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tempe Rocked!

Who knew that the Desert Polo Invite II would involve a weekend of playing hardcourt in the Rain. Yes its true we drove 13 hours to play polo in a tourney that got rained on both days. It has not rained two days consecutively for years in Tempe, but throw a polo tourney and watch your odds change. We had a blast and polo in wet conditions is not new to us at all. I think we had a great advantage and used our water ball skills to show some other teams the buisness end of a loss.

Peak Region Polo A team was known as Low Percentage Shot, or LPS. We played strong the first day with 3-1 record in Round Robin play. After our 4th game the officials of the tourney decided to play like record teams for a 5th game to better seed teams for sundays double elimination tourney for the Championship. We got paired against the Phoenix team that gave us our only loss for the 5th match. The team was called 13 years, a team that has been playing grass polo for 13 years together. They delt us another loss, and we got seeded in the number 7 for sunday. 

After the first day players visited a local bar where beer was consumed, burgers were devoured, stories were swapped and Peak Region Polo took some money in a dice game.  As the night went on some locals and tourney participants went to a local bike shop for a fund raiser. Two members from LPS went back to our hosts house and partied for a bit and turned in early. Nick from Boulder who played on LPS went to the fund raiser and raced a short alleycat, and said things were awesome. We caught up on stories in the morning on Sunday over coffee and doughnuts purchased by LPS with some money from a dice game.

It Rained most of Sunday morning. They postponed the tourney for a few hours, so LPS hit some local sporting goods stores for rain gear. We came back with a hand full of rain ponchos, and three clear rain suits for ourselves. Tourney play started at 11:30 am on Sunday with LPS vs a young phoenix hardcourt team. The conditions were terible with water standing in places on the court. The polo was awesome and LPS was a victor in a 5-0 game first round of the Double elim. Second round was the rival building match between LPS and 13 Years. The court dried some and the game was intense, Adam Smith scoured two clutch break away goals, and with help from the rest of the team, LPS won 5-1 over 13 years. It was an amazing game. 3rd round for LPS was against another pheonix team called Grass Assault. The legend Mini Mike, his younger brother AJ age 10, and Jacob age 11 the son of a grass player on 13 years. They were known as the kids most of the tourney. They handed us a loss on a slippery, and water logged court as the sun came out again. Our first game in the losers braket was against an LA team called Juan & A Million. We played hard, physical polo, and talked alot of shit back and fourth between both clubs. The game was 3-3 after a goal got called back as a shuffel on Adam Smith. (The games were played with cones, and volunteer refs who may or may not have been able to see or known what was going on) needless to say they called it back. Game goes over time, and Juan knocks us out on a double foot down in sudden death.

The good news is Denver Mallet Mafia and Peak Region Polo were 5th and 6th in the tourney with no way to determine a clear placing without a grudge match. We played a first to five no time limit game against Denver A team Mile High Club. Jeff, Brandon and Adam are always great to play against and heated game went to the wire and Denver Edged us out for 5th place.

An LA team called Hoodfellas, went most of the tounry undefeated, until they played Grass Assault. The games were intense and the tourney championship was a losers bracket winner Hoodfellas vs a no loss team Grass Assault. Hoodfellas dealt the kids two losses and took the Trophy back to LA. A great weekend  of polo, great weekend for our sponsors, and great time had by all.

Thanks Again to our sponsors. Gary from King Chef, and All the Folks at 7th Floor We could not have done it without you. 

Peak Region Polo plays two days a week. Sundays 12:00 (noon) El Pomar, and Tuesdays 5:30 @ Lithia Dodge in Motor City.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tempe, I hope your Ready

Some boys from Peak Region Polo will be heading out to the Desert Polo Invite II in Tempe Arizona this Thursday. Help from two Local buisnesses are helping to make this trip possible. King Chef Diner and 7th Floor LLC (makers of the Silver Surfer), both made generous donations to help fund our trip. I cant wait to spread the word, and get more people interested in Traveling to play. If you could make money playing polo, would you? more to come soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stl Lock In Recap!!!!

On Friday 1/15/10 I flew to Stl for an indoor polo lock in. My bike made it just fine, the mallets made it after some confusion on checking them or taking them as a carry on. After being picked up by some of my friends from Lexington, we made it to our hosts house. Assembled bikes and then got to talking shop. Moderatly chill night and we ended up sampling the food at a local greasy spoon, Then crashed out. Sat, woke up, ate breakfast, and jammed to the indoor court for all the low down from Lucky, 80 players trying to play pick up at an indoor court looked amazing, bikes in racks and a really orgainzed system for mallets, (more on that later). Things were still nice out side, so at 11:30 a few 30 of us headed the one of the Stl outdoor spots, checked out the big tides, and played alot of polo. Darkness fell and we retreated to the Indoor facility for what would be the best night in polo history, pick up, after pick up game was played, and around midnight we busted open a piniata in the shape of a van, everyhting from mylec hockey balls, candy, stickers, even some dirty anal porn fell out the wounded van. After sweeping the candy residue, pick up continued. The games were getting better and more people were crashing out to sleep. I slept a total of 50min, never missing any games and playing into the wee hours. After the clean up started at 10:30am on Sunday and games were still being played, we decided to go back to the outdoor, and play again. I think some of my favorite pick up of the weekend was played on the death trap of slickness outdoor. It dried up and became the perfect surface. I would like to thank lucky for all of is great planning and just doing this, it was amazing. Your box for mallets was great, just needed more volume, and the food was good, and the people were awesome, I am glad that i came and so many people were there to just play polo. For those about Polo We Salute You.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tempe Polo Invite

This is going to be huge, we need to represent at this! We are looking at a 13 hour drive to tempe from cos, i would like to fly, but if denver wants to get in on a van, i might try to make something happen. Peak Region Polo has  a chance to really move up in the ranks of polo, and get some spotlight for the national championships. Any way we need to be there. I will talk to DMM and see if they are interested in going.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunday DuH!

This Sunday Jan, 10th Peak Region Polo will be playing a new version of 2 v 2 polo from 11:00am till 12:00 noon. (get there early if you can to check this shit out) With the regular 3v3 mayhem we are known for starting at noon or whenever people are ready to play. See you at El Pomar, the weather is going to be great. And thanks to the Crew last Sunday the court should be one of the best in the Nation, even with the little bit of un-melted snow! Bring your friends Bikes and Mallets always available for borrowing or sale!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Jan 3 2010

Peak Region Polo is not going to waste anytime in 2010! Sunday January 3rd we are going to have a cleaning party and some winter time polo. Show up at 11:00am and help your fellow polo brother'in and Sister'in in digging some ice off of the north face of the south wall. Then at noonish depending on the amount of people that show up at 11, we will play polo. Expect to play until dark or we cant lift our arms anymore. See you at El Pomar Youth Sports Park.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome To Peak Region Polo

This is the home of Colorado Springs Premier Bicycle Polo Club. We assemble ourselves twice weekly at El Pomar Youth Sports Park 2230 Executive Circle, 80906. The park has a wonderful roller hockey rink. Sundays At 12:00 (noon) and also Tuesdays at 5:00pm when the daylight is available. We welcome all skill levels, and encourage new members to give it a shot. Never played. don't have any skill, lacking equipments! These are never excuses when entering bike polo. We have bikes and mallets available for loan or purchase, and like to see fresh faces all the time. Contact for more information and special events. HIGH ALTITUDE HARDCOURT!